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HME is AISC Certified


Not only do we invest in the best people, we continually invest in the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you receive the right materials, at the right time, in the exact amount needed.


Voortman V-630 Drills

Capabilities VoortmanV630Drill
With the ability to drill on 3 axes and the ability to produce layout marking on 4 axes, these machines provide accurate drilling and marking, increasing productivity and lowering production costs.

  • Drilling, piece marking, tapping, and countersink operations
  • Processing of plates and profiles up to 24"H x 49"W x unlimited length
  • Producing easy-to-read layout scribe marks to simplify the construction process and increase productivity
  • Example drilling speed: 1.1875" hole in 1" plate takes only 5 seconds



Voortman VB-1250 Bandsaws

Capabilities VoortmanVB1250Bandsaw
Utilizing computer-controlled variable speeds, these adaptable band saws guarantees optimal, high quality cuts while maintaining the structural integrity of the material.

  • Miter cutting up to 60°
  • Cutting plates and profiles up to 24"H x 50"W x unlimited length



Voortman V-808 Robotic Plasma Cutter

Capabilities VoortmanV808RoboticPlasmaCutter
With 8 axes, this market leading robotic plasma/oxy fuel cutting system has the ability to cut most profile shapes to fit anyone’s needs.

  • Hypertherm 260 HPR power supply and an oxy fuel torch
  • Processing plates and profiles up to 20"H x 60"W x unlimited length
  • Oxyfuel Max Thickness = 8"
  • Plasma Max Thickness = 2.5"
  • 8 axes of capability provides beveling and profile cutting of any standard shape on all surfaces of the part



Peddinghaus Anglemaster AFPS 64

Capabilities PeddinghausAnglemasterAFPS64
With automated angle iron and flat stock processing, this system delivers accurate products in seconds, yielding short lead times and cost savings.

  • Punching and shearing flats .625" x 6" and angle 6" x 6" x .625" and up to 40’ in length
  • Hole sizes from .25" - .625"



Voortman VSB-1500 Shot Blaster

Capabilities VoortmanVSB1500ShotBlaster
With pre-installed and programmable functions, this shot blasting system uses steel shot to blast steel plates and profiles ensuring the best surface quality possible for coating adhesion.

  • Blasting plates and profiles up to 24"H x 60"W x unlimited length
  • Multiple blast settings



Marvel 2150 Vertical Saw

Capabilities Marvel2150VerticalSaw
This precise CNC vertical saw is ideal for high-speed detailed cuts.

  • Cutting profiles up to 20"H x 25"W x unlimited length
  • Mitering capability up to 60°
  • Automatic cut cycles



Alltra CNC Plasma Cutter

Capabilities AlltraCNCPlasmaCutter
As the most reliable machine on the market, this system has the capability to cut stainless and carbon steel as well as aluminum in various gauges, widths, and lengths.

  • Hypertherm 400HPR Power Supply and oxy fuel torch
  • Cut area = 12’-6"W x 42’-6"L
  • Plasma Max Thickness = 3"
  • Oxyfuel Max Thickness = 10"



Accurpress Press Brake

Capabilities AccurpressPressBrake
With precision accuracy, this system ensures your bending needs are met within a 320-ton range.

  • Bending all material alloys ranging from 22ga to 1" thick plate
  • 12’ bend length



Voortman V-325 Plate Processor

Capabilities VoortmanV235PlateProcessor
With the ability to provide efficient nesting and multiple cut features combined with automatic material unloading, this machine will increase productivity and decrease production costs (estimated installation - January 2016). 

  • Processing plates up to 96"W x 240"L and up to 6" thick
  • Drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking, and beveling
  • Layout marking to simplify fabrication and increase productivity



Voortman V-330 Plate Processor

Capabilities VoortmanV330PlateProcessor
This dual gantry machine will provide the ability to perform two operations at the same time allowing for production costs to plummet while increasing productivity. 

  • Processing plates up to 120"W x 240"L and up to 6" thick
  • Drilling, milling, tapping, and countersinking
  • Layout marking to simplify fabrication and increase productivity



Cambering Machine Model 700

Capabilities CamberingMachineModel700
With the capability of handling odd and over-sized beams, this system guarantees accuracy in beam cambering.

  • Max Cambering size = W36x150 x unlimited length



Plate Roll

Capabilities PlateRoll
With forward and reverse capabilities, this industrial grade system ensures an accurate and wide variety of plate processing.

  • Rolling .5" plate up to 8’ in width
  • Cone Rolling



Roundo Angle Bending Roller

Capabilities RoundoAngleBendingRoller
As a world leader, this rolling machine provides the greatest drive torque yielding fewer rolled passes, meaning shorter lead times.

  • Rolling plate, pipe, square tubing, beams, channel, angle and tees



Haas VF-4SS CNC Mill

Capabilities HaasVF4SSCNCMill
With high-volume production and reduced cycle times, this system has a quick tool changer and vertical machining centers that accommodate multiple fixtures on all axes.

  • Processing products up to 18"W x 48"L x 25"H



Certified through the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) since 2001, with a Complex Coating Endorsement since 2005 and an AISC Steel Erector (Advanced) Certificate since 2017
Annual sales revenues over $60 million
Single projects completed over $25 million
Capacity of 1,800 tons per month of fabricated steel
60,000 pound overhead crane lifting capability & 55,000 pound forklift capacity
Shipping fleet with 8 semi tractors and 58 flat bed trailers
Over 186,500 square feet of enclosed production space
6 Professional Engineers licensed in 19 states & 15 E.I.T.'s
15-member Erection Crew with OSHA certification
Certified Weld Inspectors on staff & all welders are certified through the American Welding Society (AWS)



HME's engineers provide pre-designed metal products for the construction industry.


HME provides all of your project's structural steel and other metal needs. 

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